Monday, September 16, 2013

First Post: Our journal for brew, food, and travel adventures.

So what do Hops, Spice, and Travel have in common?

My name is Chris.  My wife Tabitha and I love to travel.  Like many a young couple, we have become enamored with the experience of vacating the old and visiting the new. We always have our next vacation in mind; there are few better pick-me-ups than looking forward to your next day on the beach, trip to a city, or hike in the mountains.

But we like to do something a little different when we get where we're going.  On our travels, we always seek out two things that we love: tasty beer and spicy food.  Our goal is not to just learn about a place, but learn about a place through its local breweries and  exotic restaurants.

In this online journal, we will document our adventures abroad with these goals at heart.  Please join us as we Travel in search of brews Hoppy and foods Spicy!


  1. Great idea for a blog! You're both going to become the Anthony Bourdain of the beer and spicy world! :-)